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Jim Winn
P.O. Box 883374
Steamboat Springs, Colorado


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  1. Dear Jim –
    I am sorry we did not get to talk at the end of the evening last Saturday. Diane and I wanted to that you for the special role you played in documenting the special event of the wedding of my daughter Brooke and her husbank Frank.
    I was very much the nervous father of the bride. You may have heard parts of the story, but our venue in Colorado Springs was cancelled at the last minute. Partly because of the fires that effected our catorer, cakemaker etc – then the lodge we had reserved many moths ago was closed because it was infested with bats!
    Your adjustments at the last minute and very professional way of dealing with family and relatives from 2 years old to 86 years old was amazing. You treated each person like a long lost friend and you were able to get family photo shots set up in small or big groups so nicely.
    You made a great impression on everyone you came in contact with during the day and evening.
    Thanks very much for your efforts!
    mike takac

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